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The Camrose Trophy is a yearly open bridge competition for teams-of-four representing the home nations of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. The participants are teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Camrose Trophy is the international bridge series that has been played for the largest number of years. It has been completed 72 times in the period 1937 – 2015.


camrose trophyThe inaugural Camrose Trophy took place in 1937. The trophy was donated by Lord Camrose, owner of The Daily Telegraph. The trophy used today is not the original one, because the original has been lost and replaced with a new one.

The series took a break in 1939 – 1945 due to World War II.

Prior to 2005, the participating teams played head-to-head matches over five weekends. For information about the structure used since 2005, see the section about Structure below.

Number of teams

Before World War II, and also in the year 1946 – 1950, the competition included five teams. In 1951 – 1998, the Republic of Ireland did not participate, bringing the number of teams down to four. The Republic of Ireland returned to the Camrose Trophy in 1999, which meant that the number of teams were now five again and one team had to sit out during each round.

Having to sit out isn’t very fun, so in 2007, the number of teams in the Camrose Trophy contest was increased to six. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 the home country that was allowed to send a second team was the defending champion. A champion nation’s second team was named after the country’s bridge federation to avoid confusion between the two teams. So, when Wales were the defending champions, the first Welsh team is called “Wales” and the second Welsh team is called “Welsh Bridge Union”, and so on.

In 2009, England’s second team won, when England also happened to be the host of the final-round. Since then, the sixth team has always been a team from the final-round host nation.

Hosting the Camrose Trophy

The hosting follows a five-year cycle, since there are five home countries.


A double round-robin is scheduled over two weekends. Since the number of teams were increased to six in 2007, each weekend comprises five rounds of three head-to-head matches, a single round-robin.

At the Camrose Trophy, two tables are always at play simultaneously. The North-South pair at one table and the East-West pair at another table are teammates.

A match is 32 deals (two sets of 16 deals) scored at IMPs and coverted to victory points (VP).

During the whole event, each team will play 320 deals (64 against each other team). This is equal to ten matches per team.

Each team must consist of a minimum of four players. A team of four can add two additional players as alternates. Player substitutions are only permitted between sets.

Winners of the Camrose Trophy 1937 – 2015

  • England has the most wins by far, with 50 outright wins and 2 tied wins. Scotland has 13 outright wins and 2 tied wins. Republic of Ireland has 6 outright wins. (Ireland did not participate 1951 – 1998.) Wales has one outright win, while Northern Ireland has never won the Camrose Trophy.
  • Camrose Trophy has had an outright winner every year except for 1972 and 1973, when the England and Scotland tied for victory.
Year Winner
2015 Republic of Ireland
2014 England
2013 England
2012 England
2011 Wales
2010 England
2009 England
2008 Republic of Ireland
2007 Republic of Ireland
2006 Republic of Ireland
2005 Republic of Ireland
2004 England
2003 England
2002 England
2001 England
2000 Republic of Ireland
1999 England
1998 Scotland
1997 England
1996 England
1995 Scotland
1994 England
1993 England
1992 England
1991 England
1990 England
1989 England
1988 Scotland
1987 England
1986 England
1985 England
1984 England
1983 England
1982 England
1981 England
1980 England
1979 Scotland
1978 England
1977 Scotland
1976 Scotland
1975 England
1974 Scotland
1973 Scotland and England tied for 1st place
1972 Scotland and England tied for 1st place
1971 Scotland
1970 Scotland
1969 England
1968 England
1967 Scotland
1966 Scotland
1965 England
1964 Scotland
1963 Scotland
1962 England
1961 England
1960 England
1959 England
1958 England
1957 England
1956 England
1955 England
1954 England
1953 England
1952 England
1951 England
1950 England
1949 England
1948 England
1947 England
1946 England
1945 Contest not played because of World War II
1944 Contest not played because of World War II
1943 Contest not played because of World War II
1942 Contest not played because of World War II
1941 Contest not played because of World War II
1940 Contest not played because of World War II
1939 Contest incomplete because of World War II
1938 England
1937 England

The Camrose Trophy, a part of the Home Internationals

The Camrose Trophy is the open team-of-four component of the “Home Internationals” organized by Bridge Great Britain. The Home Internationals also includes an annual series for women (since 1950), for juniors (since 1971), for under-19 (since 1990) and for seniors (since 2008).