World Junior Pairs Championship
World Junior Pairs ChampionshipThe World Junior Pairs Championship is a competition organized for junior bridge players by the World Bridge Federation. The very first event took place in Ghent, Belgium in 1995. The European Junior Pairs Championship hed premeried in 1991, but this contest was now incorporated into the World Junior Pairs Championship.

The World Junior Pairs Championship (U26) is open to players that are less than 26 years old at the end of the calender year.

The World Yungsters Pairs Championship is parellel to the Junior event, and is open for players that are less than 21 years old at the end of the calender year.

Results for the World Junior Pairs Championship 1995 – 2013

Year Place Winning pair Runner-up pair
1995 Ghent, Belgium Boy Brogeland, Norway

Geir Helgemo, Norway

Thomas Charlsen, Norway

Espen Erichsen, Norway

1997 Santa Sofia, Italy Stefan Solbrand, Sweden

Olle Wademark, Sweden

Mette Drøgemüller, Denmark

Sebastian Reim, Germany

1999 Nymburk,

Czech Republic

Andreas Gloyer, Austria

Bernd Saurer, Austria

Félicien Daux, France

Julien Geitner, France

2001 Stargard, Poland Andreas Gloyer, Austria

Martin Schifko, Austria

Sjoert Brink, the Netherlands

Bas Drijver, the Netherlands

2003 Tata, Hungary Adi Azizi, Israel

Yuval Yener, Israek

Guillaume Grenthe, France

Jérôme Grenthe, France

2006 Piešťany, Slovakia Cecilia Rimstedt, Sweden

Sara Sivelind, Sweden

Jacek Kalita, Poland

Krzysztof Kotorowicz, Poland

2009 Istanbul, Turkey Marion Michielsen, the Netherlands

Tim Verbeek, the Netherlands

Adam Krysa, Poland

Justyna Zmuda, Poland

2011 Opatija, Croatia Berend van den Bos, the Netherlands

Joris van Lankveld, the Netherlands

Aymeric Lebatteux, France

Simon Poulat, France

2013 Atlanta, USA Massimiliano Di Franco, Italy

Gabriele Zanasi, Italy

Erkmen Aydogdu, Turkey

Akin Koclar, Turkey